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Choose and fix a background of your choice to show when Sneaky Cam is on. The background image can be a browser or even a shot of a music player. Tap on any part of the screen to start capturing images , and not worry about anyone catching you in the act. Time your message to be automatically deleted over time without leaving a trace. Spy Message allows you to exchange secretive messages and appointments, then have the message self-destruct minus the explosions after a configured time frame.

Protect your contacts and keep your call activities safe with Secret Calls. This app can easily hide your phonebook contact icon to prevent anyone from seeing them, and automatically delete all outgoing and incoming call logs so no one can trace them, even they have your phone. As a spy, you would want your recording device to be appear turn off to avoid anyone knowing they are being monitored.

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This app does that on top of keeping you updated with before and after pictures of the place you are monitoring, e. If you want to create a fake call that comes in in an opportune time, this app is for you. Complete the illusion by selecting the secret agent identity you want to be, and use it to prank your friends.

This last app is Secret Agent, a complete toolbox that every spy should have. It contains useful tools and sensor features for you e. All of the apps let you monitor text messages, calls, chats, calls, and above all, they let you record surroundings. But you should make the decision by weighing all the factors such as price, compatibility, and support against the rest of the apps. See which app is offering the most apart from the surround recording feature because when you buy any of the aforementioned apps. Considering all this, Xnspy takes the lead among the aforementioned apps.

Apart from compatibility, the biggest highlight of Xnspy is its price which is rather economical compared to the variety of features that it offers:. Although the app offers two versions, no matter which version you select, you will be able to enjoy more than one feature. The app has a lot to offer to its users at a rather affordable price.


One can take care of their monitoring needs quite efficiently while sticking to their budget. There is no need to jailbreak the iPhone for the app to work. Having the Cloud credentials is enough to get the app running. Xnspy supports Android Oreo and iPhone As far as the customer support is concerned, Xnspy customer is pretty impressive.

It can help you in knowing how the app works and how you can use the ambient recording feature on your device. As stated earlier, the number of spy apps that have gone up in the last few years, making the decision-making process a bit difficult. So even though we have given you a detailed review regarding the surround recording apps or any other spyware, here are the main considerations you should bear in mind to make the best decision:.

First of all, you have to see the price. There are plenty of apps on the market and each claim to have the best features.

FlexiSPY™ Unique iPhone Spy App — Reveals Secrets Others Cannot

Make sure that you get the best value out of your money spent on a spy app. Also, decide how much you are willing to spend on your spying needs; that will also greatly help in making the final decision. Just the one that best suits your needs according to your budget. See that the company you are considering to buy the app from is authentic. People do not do a background check, and therefore, have no way of knowing whether the company is real or not. People often suffer at the hands of such fraudulent and scam companies. Make sure that the company you are buying from actually exists and has an online presence too.

Ensure that you buy from a reliable source.

While selecting an app, see that it is reliable. Always select the app which you find safe to use and you can trust. The users are then left with no option but to uninstall the spy app. If an app is not reliable, you cannot count on them to do the job and fulfill your monitoring needs.

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With the plethora of services available out there, it is no easy feat to know for sure that an app works. It is very important that no matter which app you invest into it should deliver what it promises. So it is important that before you buy any spying app or consider to buy it, go through its reviews. Compatibility is another factor that you need to pay attention to before buying a spy app.

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  • The app you are thinking to buy should be compatible with the phone you are thinking to spy on. It is very important that you pay attention to this. The app you are considering to get has to be compatible with the phone you want to install it on. These details are normally available on the website. When you wish to use an app that has advanced features such as surround recording feature or keylogging, see that the app you are considering to buy is easy to use.

    There is no point of getting an app which is too technical and complicated for you to understand. It should also be easy for you to navigate through the app. Some apps offer free trials or demo version as well so that you can test the interface and see whether you are comfortable using the interface.

    So the app you buy must work in stealth mode. Look for the apps that work in hidden mode and the user of the target phone cannot detect them. The spy apps that work under some code names are easy to detect.

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    • Therefore, always go for an app that has proven to work stealthily in the background. It is important that the company you choose offers efficient customer service and technical support. Reason for that is if you face any kind of problem or issue while installing or using the app, the customer support team can help you with it. With an informed and efficient customer service, the users can get instant help whenever they need.

      So, the app you are considering to get must have a responsive and helpful customer service. See Also: Top 10 Best Spying apps. Home Top 10 Surround Recording Apps. The Top 10 Surround Recording Apps of This Year Your child may be hanging out with a reckless crowd of kids or getting bullied by some of his classmates, and you have no idea.

      Read on below to know in detail about the top 10 surround recording apps so you can make an informed decision easily: 1. Other Features: Here are some other features of the Xnspy: Monitor text messages and phone calls Access chats from instant messengers Remotely control the target device Track location through GPS Monitor social media activity Access emails, photos, and videos Set alerts on certain words and locations Access web browsing history Pros: Xnspy has an easy and convenient user interface.

      The app also keeps track of the Wi-Fi connections the target phone is connected to. If the target user deletes a call log or text message, and as long as Xnspy has created a backup of it, you will still be able to access that deleted data. Cons The app does not support desktop monitoring. Price: Xnspy offers its users with two editions.

      Compatibility: Xnspy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Rating 9. Buy Now. Flexispy: When it comes to surround recording, Flexispy is another popular choice. Other Features: Following are some other features of the app: Monitor text messages and phone calls Monitor text messages View the installed apps on the target phone Access the contacts list Check the web browsing history Track the GPS location of the phone Monitor incoming and outgoing calls Record keystrokes Monitor the conversations on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber, and Kik Pros: Flexispy offers a free demo account.

      The app offers an active technical support in the form of email, live chat, and phone. You can also take pictures and record secretly without touching the target device.

      The Top 10 Surround Recording Apps of This Year

      The app sends you instant alerts when any changes occur on the phone. You can also save browser bookmarks and monitor the web-browsing. Cons Flexispy is expensive compared to other monitoring apps available. The app does not support contact or website blocking from the smartphone. Some of the advanced features of the app require root access. Flexispy requires some initial configuration.

      I went to the locations and saw who he was with and where he was going. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive monthly promotions you won't find on the website. Until now the only way to view your monitoring data was to find a computer and login. To solve this problem, we've come up with a mobile application that allows you to access your most useful data from your smartphone.

      The authoritative no-nonsense spy phone review website. Head on over to spyphonereview. Discover children and employees behaviour by monitoring the PC and Mac computers they use. Have you bought a copycat spy phone product? Are you unhappy with it? So are we. For a limited time only, we will redeem your remaining license against a copy of FlexiSPY.