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Learn more about Teams. Physical tracking of smartphone possible through its MAC address? Ask Question. Faisal Faisal 36 1 1 silver badge 10 10 bronze badges. But you don't know who is in the car just based on the plate and the car could be empty.


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Email Required, but never shown. How Stack Overflow upgraded from Windows Server Featured on Meta. This allows stores to develop heat maps so they can put the items they want to sell in high traffic areas. If a mobile device is stolen by theft, this can be found by police by tracing the mobile number. In-store analytics has become more like online store analytics.

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Using MLA, stores can see where shoppers go and where they linger, detect whether they are shopping alone or with friends or children, and match shopping to weather. One company with small stores located in malls found that the space just inside the entry was a dead zone, so they moved the popular items further inside the store.

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They were about to remove the wall displays when they decided to check traffic with a Mobile Location Analytics company. After creating a heat map, they made the floor displays smaller and easier for customers to walk through to reach the wall displays.

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The stores want analytics to see if the displays erected at the end of aisles eat away the sales of the same item stacked halfway down the aisle or if they contribute to additional sales. MLA-based counts can help ensure stores are staffed appropriately for the traffic at all times of the day.

It helps businesses make correlations between transaction data and traffic. The privacy agreement comes at a time when brick-and-mortar retailers are eager to have access to the kind of information about consumer behavior that can match Web retailers like Amazon. The move also reflects how industry is responding to public concern over the collection of personal data.

As companies increasingly use data in more robust ways such as targeting online ads or tracking physical location, they are realizing the need to give users more control over how data is used. Although products dealing with mobile location analytics do not record personally identifiable information about specific customers, they have generated concerns about customer data integration and consumer privacy.

Under the voluntary code of conduct, MLA vendors and retailers will inform customers when they are being tracked and allow individual customers to opt out. Nowadays most Wi-Fi router or wireless access point vendors provide an API for listening the device's MAC address of the signals to identify smartphones , this is the base of solution vendors of Wi-Fi tracking and analytics systems, but almost new smartphones emit more than one MAC address when they are not connected to the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi tracking solution vendors are dealing with data based on these false MAC addresses if they try to detect not associated devices, and only if the smartphone connects to the Wi-Fi access point to have free internet access then it is associated they can detected the true MAC address of the iPhone.

There is an alternative technology that using Wi-Fi frequencies can avoid MAC randomization and locate smartphone in indoor areas with high performance, Seeketing technology [8] uses fingerprinting techniques to obtain unique identifiers of smartphones.

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