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Such features can further be used to improve and personalize store experiences for shoppers, but not everybody will be thrilled by the idea of being constantly tracked.

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While retailers could use such tracking features to replace loyalty cards, thus offering buyers and incentive to allow their in-store location to be tracked, it may also lead to unwanted side effects. In one example, Sweeney revealed how a store associated credit card data and other information with purchases, constructing profiles of its customers.

Based on the purchases, the store could predict with some accuracy even pregnant customers. The exec also proposed several methods that could allow both retailers and interested customers to benefit from such tracking technology, as long as stores would disclose their data collection practices and offer opt-outs to their customers.

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Of course, not all smartphone tracking is done for commercial purposes. Government and appropriate agencies, at least in theory. Meanwhile, users who want to avoid being tracked can turn off the Wi-Fi of their devices.

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But her father succeeded in locating her with the help of mobile tracking. More and more Mexicans are resorting to digital self-help when friends or family simply disappear, since they often cannot rely on the assistance of the state and police. More than 20, people have disappeared in Mexico in recent years.

Mexico is a country with one of the highest kidnapping risks. Some victims are freed when a ransom is paid, others are never seen again.

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Thousands of young women like Mariel Pamela have been forced into prostitution after being kidnapped in Mexico in recent years — or raped and then murdered. The number of unreported cases is even higher: In a study found , kidnappings had taken place in contrast to the 1. Mexicans have very little trust in their police forces, which often drag investigations out.

Security forces and police also often collude, at least in part, with criminals, or even disappear people themselves. The police and military were also involved in the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala three months ago, an event that set off mass protests. The father of kidnapped Mariel Pamela repeatedly appealed to the police for help, even telling officers where his daughter was being held after he used mobile tracking to identify her location. But they sent him away again to try to find his daughter on his own without the assistance of security forces — although his daughter could have been in the hands of a troop of heavily armed human traffickers or a cartel.

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When police and investigators continued to put him off, he drove to the house alone and succeeded in freeing his daughter. The emergency system is designed to spread the news about a missing child quickly and widely over different channels and media, and its use in the very first hours following a kidnapping is decisive for success.

The authorities presented just one suspect after the fact — then let him go again just a few hours later. Encrypted communications, drug deals on the web, propaganda per Facebook: The younger generation is driving the digitalisation of the Mexican drug cartels. Crowdsourcing for freedom of speech: Digital platforms honour journalists and activists who have been silenced by the authorities. Can social media keep women from being harassed?