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See how frequently your children log on to Facebook from their PCs, and the name they use on their profiles, so you can talk to them about smart social media habits. Personal Information Protection. Help your children avoid giving out sensitive personal information when online, including phone number, address, school they attend, or email address.

Email Alerts. Find out when your children attempt to visit a blocked site so that you can start a conversation about appropriate content. Access Request. Open the lines of communication by enabling your children to send you a note from within Norton Family if they disagree with a blocked site or a house rule. Activity History. Easy-to-Use Web Portal. Helps you manage protection for all your devices with an easy-to-use Web portal.

Parent Mobile App 2. Location Supervision 1,2.

Mobile App Supervision 2. See which apps your children have downloaded on their Android devices and choose which ones they can use, such as YouTube and Facebook. Video Supervision 4.

What are parental controls?

See a list of the YouTube videos your children watch on their devices and even view a snippet of each video, so you know when you need to talk. Instant Lock. Parents can help children take a break by locking the device, so they can re-focus, or join the family at dinner. Once in lock mode, all of the device's applications, web browsers, games, Microsoft products and more are inaccessible, until manually disabled via the Family Portal.

Individual devices can be unlocked with a PIN. Parents and children can still contact each other while the device is in lock mode. Opt to receive detailed reports of what your children are doing online, right in your inbox. Best Virus and Malware Protection 5. Defends against viruses. Identity Protection. Safeguards your identity and online transactions.

Free to Use

Support for 10 Devices. Automatic Backup. Automatically backs up your photos.

Includes 25 GB of secure cloud storage for your PC with the option to add more as your needs change. Industry-Leading Security 5. Global Threat Detection. Utilizes one of the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats faster.

How to Stay Informed

Location Supervision is available in all except these countries. It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded in other websites or blogs. If a Norton expert is unable to remove the virus from your device, then you may receive a full refund on the actual price paid for your current Norton subscription term, or the term of your current Norton subscription bundle. The refund will be net of any discounts or refunds received and less any shipping, handling and applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable.

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The refund does not apply to any damages incurred as a result of viruses. See Norton. Details about your Norton Family subscription: If you live in North America, Latin America or Asia Pacific Your subscription begins when your purchase is completed for online payments, or otherwise, when your payment is received.

You must download and install on each device to be protected by Norton.

The easiest way to supervise your kids online

You are enrolling in a recurring subscription that will automatically renew after the first term. If an introductory or limited-time offer is presented, the offer is valid on the first term of your subscription only term length depends on your purchase. After that, your subscription renews each year at the then-current subscription renewal price. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you in advance.

Your subscription includes protection updates and new features as available during your subscription term, subject to acceptance of the Norton License Agreement. If they want to know what the children are up to on their calls, these options in the manage calls feature are going to help them. With Live Call Recorder , the parents can record all the incoming and outgoing calls on the device of their teens.

So they can just record every call and the recording will be uploaded on the control panel. Incoming Calls Restriction is another option provided in the manage calls feature. When it comes to communication and conversation, most of the people prefer text messages. So is the case with teens nowadays. They prefer text messages to calls.

So how parents can track the text messages of their teens in order to check and make sure they are not talking to someone who can harm them. For this, the track text messages feature in BlurSPY lets parents view all sent as well as received text messages. The details of the messages include the number of the sender, receiver, time of every text message and others. Parents can also block certain numbers on the device of their teen to not get text messages if they find it suitable.

After all, the protection of teens is more important than anything else so they should use this feature. For parents, the activities of the children are sometimes a matter of great concern. Parents remain worried about the children and are in a state of confusion like where they will be, what they are doing and who they are with. There are even more options with the GPS tracking feature.

Parents can even check the weekly location history of their children and the places they have been visiting. With this feature, you can also mark certain areas as safe. When the children enter and unwanted place or area, the app will alert the parents and inform them about the current location of their children. Another major concern of the parents is they do sexting and share intimate photos and personal images with their friends on social media sites.

The dating and social sites have really helped teens find partners and even the young teens are dating nowadays. The feature allows parents to check and view the images in the phone gallery. It will help parents understand what kind of visual content their teens have on their phones.

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Furthermore, the audio files can also be accessed with this feature. The parents can also spy on all voice recording of the device of their teens. These features really make parenting easier for anyone. Not all apps offer the feature of this kind.