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The custom scan allows you to identify exactly where the program will focus between system memory, registry, startup items and cookies. You can indicate files sizes, extensions and folders to either target or ignore in the scan. This site is not directly affiliated with Support. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. Privacy Statement. This security patch release updates ClamAV scanning engine to the latest version and addresses the following issues:. Read more About ClamWin Free Antivirus.

ClamWin Free Antivirus is used by more than , users worldwide on a daily basis. It comes with an easy installer and open source code.

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You may download and use it absolutely free of charge. So take advantage of the essential tools to keep control over your computer and find the version that suits your needs best. Donate now! Please donate to support our fight against spyware! Spybot's Anti-Spyware protection uses our unique technology to find and remove all kinds of spyware , including adware , tracking software , keyloggers and other unpopular software.

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Your privacy is our ultimate goal! To provide you with the best possible protection, we've included an award winning anti-virus engine. And on top of that most elaborate malware protection, you get our own specialized anti-spyware engine that covers the spyware grounds beyond!

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Live Protection is Spybots form of real time protection. Live protection scans and monitors all newly created and running processes on your system. Malicious processes are blocked before they start to prevent infection on your system. Our anti-telemetry tool Anti-Beacon Plus is available to all users of the Spybot Professional and the commercial editions.

Immunization pro-actively protects your system against malware attacks by blocking access to sites known to contain malicious or unwanted software. It also blocks tracking cookies and browser plugins that are known to contain malware. Immunization supports many popular browsers, including Internet Explorer , Opera , Firefox and Chrome. Startup Tools allow you to manage what happens and what gets loaded at system startup.

If you open this tool you will see a comprehensive set of tabs. Clicking on a tab will allow you to inspect and change the behaviour of what is loaded.

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This powerful tool should be used with caution as it allows you to make registry changes as well as other changes that effect your system. Rootkits use technologies to hide themselves and their actions from users and other system processes. The Rootkit Scan is a special scan that can locate these rootkits. This scan includes checks of the file system, the registry and some process related lists. Staying up to date with all malware signatures is essential for your security. All paid editions of Spybot will download new signatures multiple times per day - automatically and in the background.

If you have purchased Spybot you have the advantage of being able to automate tasks. When you choose the Protected Repair Environment, a new Windows Desktop is opened and the Start Center runs in a way so that other software cannot interact with it.