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If your iPhone is unlocked when you receive an alert notification, tap the Reply button. To reply to the message on the screen, tap the text-entry field to the left of the Send button, and the keyboard appears.

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  • How to Read Text Messages.

Type your reply and then tap Send. That action will replace the microphone icon next to the text-entry field with a Send button. Just press and hold down the little microphone icon to the right of the text-entry field and a gray overlay appears. You can also tap the microphone key next to the space bar on the keyboard not the one next to the text-entry field and then speak your reply to Siri, who will translate it to text and type it in the text-entry field for you.

Your SMS conversations are saved as a series of text bubbles.

If you tap blue, underlined words, additional options appear on the screen, enabling you to create a calendar event, display the date on the calendar, or copy the event to the Clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Tap a text bubble that you want to delete and a blue check mark appears in the circle.

Or, to delete the entire conversation in one fell swoop, tap the blue Delete All button in the top-left corner. If you want to forward to another mobile phone or Apple device user all or part of a conversation as an SMS, MMS, or iMessage message , follow the same procedure that is, double-tap a text bubble, tap More, and then tap the text bubbles that you want to forward. Now, instead of tapping the blue trashcan at the bottom-left of the screen, tap the blue arrow at the bottom-right of the screen.

Spy apps usually provide a free 3 or 7-day trial to give customers the opportunity to try out the service.


In order to install a cell phone tracking app to the target device, you need to have one time access to this gadget. Hi, Joyce.

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To install a cell phone tracking app, you need physical access to the device. Do you have to install on the phone you are wanting to see message from or can it be installed on my phone. HI, Karen. Hi, Stan.

How to Read and Reply to Text Messages on the iPhone

At present, phone tracking apps do not ask the jailbreak. Instead, a user needs iCloud credentials of the target device. Avoid using spy apps that still require the jailbreak. Hi, Darnella.

For Android devices, you need it once to install the app. By accessing the account from it, you hit the Control Panel. To clarify, to read texts for free without installing on a target phone is impossible. Although, for iOS, you only need to know iCloud credentials. Hi, Joy.

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